Blog 15th Jun 2017

India is considered to be one of the largest emerging markets across the globe. With an expected 7.2% growth for 2017 and 7.7% for 2018 as explained by Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley and the 2nd largest population in the world.

With 521,000,000 Hindi speakers as their primary language (as of 2016 report) we decided to build Hindi to support the growth of the Indian market. Not many companies have tackled Hindi as a language for processing speech-to-text due to the different punctuation used and the limited amount of data available.

Using our language and acoustic framework, we built Hindi in a matter of days, using minimal data sets. The build was possible due to our existing language knowledge of training 28 previous languages, use of machine learning and knowledge of automatic speech recognition technology.

You can try out our languages for free here.

Ian Firth, Speechmatics