inside of a log with hexagon shapes and a headset used to understand voice-to-text for customer experience analytics

The 3 big reasons contact centers are moving to voice-to-text

Drivers for voice-to-text in contact centers Contact centers are choosing voice-to-text technology to derive meaning and value from their voice data, which would otherwise be left untouched. Find out more in a webinar that I hosted. Nadine Edmondson, Head of Marketing Red Box – contact center dedicated voice specialists – said: “Artificial intelligence and machine […]


image of Apple Watch on person's wrist showcasing voice technology and wearables

Wearables: Can I really wear voice technology?

Voice technology has never been more popular. Now, more than ever, these types of technologies are being integrated into a range of products. Wearables move voice-based interfaces closer to the consumer through products like watches, earbuds, clothing and even jewelry. The roll-out of voice technology into these products allow consumers to more easily interact with […]


inside of a log with hexagon shapes and a headset used to understand customer experience analytics

Do you know what is actually happening in your contact center?

In the contact center, voice has long been defined by telephony. However, since the introduction of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a lot has changed. In particular, the transition from circuit-based telephony to packets has played a large part in where we are now, paving the way for AI-enabled opportunities to enable customer experience analytics. […]


new blog series written by CEO John Milliken, addressing global trade

Is the UK becoming more isolated at a time when the need to find new trading partners is at a premium?

In my first CEO blog, I will be exploring why the current lack of stability in global trade is forcing a fast-growing business like Speechmatics to have to navigate a complex geo-economic-political landscape to ensure we maintain our growth momentum across the globe. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the PM’s speech at […]


punctuation characters including a question mark, exclamation mark, comma and full stop inside speech bubbles

Why is punctuation important in speech recognition?

Punctuation in transcription The addition of punctuation narrows the gap between a mere transcript and a more intelligent understanding of language. Punctuation, used in the right place, significantly improves the readability of transcripts and reduces the time it takes to edit them. But how important is punctuation, really? If you’ve been using a speech-to-text service, […]


person interacting with technology through touch

4 challenges media companies face when adopting speech recognition technology

An overview of speech recognition technology Advances in computing power, graphics processing and cloud computing have given rise to the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to build innovative applications. With their rise in power has come increased hype to the extent where AI and ML have become buzzwords. Many media companies […]


Machine learning is becoming bigger and bigger. Gradient image of a robot learning from an exploding source of data.

Machine learning is getting BIG (Part II)

This article is a continuation of ‘Machine learning is getting BIG (Part I)‘ previously published on this blog. Can machine learning be a carbon dioxide generator? As well as cost in terms of dollars, people have started calculating the cost of training these huge models in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. When neural architecture search […]


Machine learning is becoming bigger and bigger. Gradient image of a robot learning from an exploding source of data.

Machine learning is getting BIG (Part I)

Machine learning (ML) is everywhere right now. A cursory look at Google Trends shows how interest has spiked in the past 5 years as it has been applied more widely, and more successfully, to a range of applications. The field has been through a few lean times (sometimes referred to as the AI Winters) where […]


why is Siri and Alexa so good but my automatic captions so bad

Why is Siri and Alexa so good, but my automatic captions so bad?

There seem to be new technologies and new implementations of existing technology every day. Video is also growing. 78% Of people are watching videos online every week, and it’s only going to increase. It’s estimated that 82% Of the world’s internet traffic will be video by 2022.   With these rapid advances in technology, combined […]


Data security for e-compliance

Are big tech companies recording your conversations?

The chase for data and data security  It’s no secret that training machine learning models require substantial amounts of data. The same holds true for building and training models for speech recognition engines. Providers of speech recognition are constantly looking for data that can be used to train language models. However, it should always be […]