“I find my deafness to be incredibly isolating at the best of times. Social media is a place where I can chat and ‘hear’ to people without needing to hear, except when there are videos with no subtitles. It makes you feel like you’re last in line to hear a joke, be part of the latest trend, discussion. Subtitles can change that.”

– @deafgirly

Sasquatch is a subtitling solution for social media content, making subtitling accessible to the masses for the very first time.

Developed by Screen Systems and powered by Speechmatics, Sasquatch is a cost-effective solution to easily subtitle social media content and reach a larger audience, including those with a hearing impairment, or those who are situationally disadvantaged.

The tool was built with ease of use in mind to enable users to accurately subtitle their content, even if they’ve no prior experience with subtitling.

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Screen Systems breaks the mould and makes subtitling accessible to the masses

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