How to Improve your Customer Experience

May, 2020

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How to Improve your Customer Experience

Wednesday, 13 May, 15:00 BST

Customer experience is a priority for businesses. Contact center agents often represent the first interaction between a customer and brand. They are under pressure to ensure customers have the best experience.

The ramifications of a bad experience have a direct impact on revenues, with customers likely to leave a brand after just one poor experience. The impact of bad customer experience costs UK brands £234 billion a year in lost sales.

With organizations making it easier to onboard new customers it has never been more important to ensure there are no reasons for customers to churn.

At a time when customer experience and engagement has never been so important, machine learning and artificial intelligence are enabling contact centers to make data-driven decisions to influence these factors. Analytics makes quality customer experiences possible. But analytics of voice data is only possible with an any-context, accurate transcription to underpin it.

In this webinar, Product Marketing Manager, Alex Fleming will discuss how contact centers can improve customer experience using voice technology. He’ll cover:

  • An overview of how voice technology can improve customer experience
  • How to obtain a 360-degree view of customers
  • How to speed-up dispute resolution and achieve first call resolution
  • How to improve agent performance
  • Predictions for the future use of voice technology within the contact center

Alex Fleming, Machine Learning Engineer, Speechmatics

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