Digital Anarchy leverages Speechmatics speech recognition technology for video workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Date: Friday, September 8th, 2017

Increasing demand for video, broadcast and films means an increased need for addressing accessibility issues. In the past, this has been done by adding subtitling and metadata via manual transcription. This considerably impacts the cost and efficiency of making video content accessible.

As well as the obvious value of making content available to more people, in July 2017 the US introduced a law via the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that all live or near-live video content requires subtitles within 12 hours, on top of the existing Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), which requires subtitles for archived video content within 15 days.

As a leading provider of plugin solutions for the Adobe video tools since 2001, Digital Anarchy recognizes the pressing need for a fast and accurate transcription tool for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, used by broadcasters, video editors, and content creators around the world. This is where Speechmatics comes into the picture, with the new Transcriptive plugin created by Digital Anarchy.

Modern video production requires efficient tools and streamlined workflows, so it is important that a automatic speech recognition technology is easy to integrate and provides high-quality speech-to-text transcription. The Adobe Premiere Pro architecture is designed to support integrations and add-on technologies which makes it an ideal platform for tools like Transriptive, which allows users to create open captions and subtitles more quickly, as well as searching video contents for specific words or phrases.

“We are very excited about the integration with Digital Anarchy and Speechmatics speech recognition engine,” said David K Helmly, Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting Pro Video/Audio Products Americas, Adobe. “I have battle tested the Transcriptive plugin powered by Speechmatics in my own lab. The accuracy is outstanding, including different speaking accents – and even with noise and music in the background. With Digital Anarchy Transcriptive and Speechmatics, providing open captions for a video and searching video content has never been easier.”

The Digital Anarchy plugin will greatly improve editing efficiency for Adobe Premiere Pro users as the Speechmatics’ technology can automatically transcribe an hour-long file in approximately 5 minutes through its cloud transcription service.This makes it easier for broadcasters to adhere to US law and helps prepare users for the inevitable introduction of accessibility captioning requirements across Europe.

“We chose to integrate with Speechmatics’ due to its accuracy, speed and cost. We simply use their cloud transcription service to supply the plugin with the transcription offering. We are thrilled to be working together and are excited by the potential the partnership has for future plugins and language coverage”, Jim Tierney, President, Digital Anarchy.

Digital Anarchy is launching the new Transcriptive plugin powered by Speechmatics technology for use in Adobe Premiere Pro CC this fall. A beta version of the plugin is already available for purchase in US English initially, but with Speechmatics’ 28 languages currently supported, and more to come, the potential for global coverage is just around the corner.

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